You may feel like you already know Miriam if you follow Therapy Boutique on Instagram. She is frequently photographed wearing the latest trends that they have to offer. However, this girl is more than just a model. She is one of the store managers for the boutique and has worked there since 2013. 

DT: "What do you love most about working in a college town?"

ML: "There are always new trends, always young people around. It keeps you a little younger." 

DT: "What's the last picture on your camera roll?"

ML: " A picture of my sister and I at her wedding."

DT: "If you could spend a day with a celeb who would it be?"

ML: "Kelly Ripa! She's so fun and I want her energy. She's so successful and people really respect that about her."

DT: "What did you dream about last night?"

ML: "I don't remember my exact dream from last night, but I have had multiple dreams about Therapy. I just dream about the craziest things about the store weekly."

DT: "Besides your cell phone, what is one item you never leave home without?"

ML: "My Sunglasses."