One Friday night, my naive self decided to make dinner plans with a friend. We picked Pieology, and set the event for 6 p.m. I decided to leave my apartment at 5:45 thinking "Oh, I'll be fine on time." Well 6:30 rolled around and I got a text "where are you???"

I had been driving around looking for parking for 45 minutes. I ended up following someone walking to their car, and made it to dinner right in time for the rush. After that night, I decided to take a break from downtown.

I know there are other people who have shared similar experiences as me, and have also neglected to eat downtown because of these reasons. If you are one of these people, the Downtown Auburn Restaurant Week is for you.

Restaurant Week was designed to invite locals who don't typically come downtown back into the area with stress-free parking and wait times. Because it is now summertime, more parking spots are open and restaurant's lines are shorter.

On top of the parking benefit, restaurants are also bringing in customers by offering special foods, drinks and discounts. If you like cheeseburger pizza and honey bbq wings, you need to check out restaurant week because you can only get them during this week.

Don't worry about the anxiety of looking for a parking spot just to find out there's an hour long wait at the restaurant of your choosing. Come eat downtown during Restaurant Week and take a load off!

Anne Dawson