The spirit of downtown Auburn cannot be replicated. It is truly a special place. A big part of what makes downtown so special are the local businesses. Are you supporting your local businesses? Here are our top five reasons for shopping local.

  1. When you shop local, you are making a personal investment in your community. Local businesses means local taxes. This money is used for our local schools, police and fire services and recreational resources.

  2. You are supporting a business owner and their family that is in your community. Maybe you know them from church or your child’s baseball team, or maybe you don’t know them at all. Either way, you are supporting a local family and not some CEO out of California.

  3. You support local charities. Most small businesses give back to local non-profits right here in our area. Our downtown merchants will tell you who they are giving back to, so that you know where your contribution is going. In fact, non-profits receive as much as 350% more money from local shops than non-locally owned businesses.

  4. A more desirable shopping experience. We know that you may find a better deal at big retailer, but will you get the best experience? Shopping downtown and shopping local can be more about the experience itself. More one-on-one with a knowledgeable employee. Less crowded. No long check-out lines.

  5. Unique. You will find a local art and distinctive gifts that other places don’t have. The atmosphere is often very unique, too and not limited to how they have to decorate or display items.