It's our favorite time of the year here in Auburn and the downtown merchants look forward to welcoming you home to the corner. We have new parking regulations, transit options and some fun events planned this season. 

PARKING: New parking regulations went into affect this past August. If you arrive in town on Friday, please be aware that parking is now $1 an hour with a 2 hour max time limit. This is regulated from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Parking is still free on Saturdays. Public parking is now available at Auburn bank after 6 pm on weekday evenings. 

VALET: The city council just recently approved a new one year contract with valet company, Park, Inc. Valet services are offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Patrons can find the valet kiosk in the Gay St. Municipal parking lot. Valet is offered 11 am - 3 pm and 5-10 pm on Thursday and Friday. On Fridays prior to a home game, valet will operate 11 am-11 pm. Valet will not be available on a home game Saturday.                                                                         **VALET WILL NOT OPERATE SEPTEMBER 6TH-8TH**

CATCH A RIDE: If you do not want to worry about parking, we encourage you to utilize our local golf cart service, Grab-a-Cart. Golf carts operate around downtown and campus and will pick you up and drop you off. Ride sharing options, Uber and Lyft, are also available in Auburn. On home game Saturdays, you can catch a ride on the Tiger Transit into downtown. The pick-up location is at Duck Samford stadium lot off of on E. Glenn behind the Airport Plaza. The transit will pick up in the 4-2 hour time frame prior to kickoff. For example, if it is a 6:30 kickoff, the downtown transit will operate from 2:30-4:30 pm.  

EVENTS: Each home game weekend, the downtown merchants will host "Come Home to the Corner" on Friday evenings from 6-10 pm. Event will feature live music from 6-9 pm on Toomer's Corner. Entertainment district from 6-10 pm. 

SHOPPING AND DINING: Find all your orange and blue attire, tailgating essentials and gifts at one of our many retailers. From fine dining to quick and casual, our downtown eateries will all be open and ready to serve you!