Valet saves the day! Well, at least some days. It's no secret that parking is a hot topic for downtown Auburn. The City of Auburn is working on multiple projects to help ease the parking issue. One of those solutions is the valet parking option. Last summer, valet was offered every day of the week during the lunch and dinner hours. After this "trial run", the city has decided to keep this valet service and offer it on select days of the week. Based on the usage by patrons, it was determined that Thursday-Saturday was when valet was used the most. Changes to the valet parking days went into effect last month. The new hours of operation are:

Thursday & Friday: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. ($1 per hour); 5-10 p.m. (complimentary)
Saturday: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (complimentary)

Valet Testimonials:

"I love the valet service downtown. It is reasonably priced, little wait time, and the car was ready for us when we left with a simple link the service sent via text! Highly recommend for those busy days" - Lindsey Pescia, Auburn Resident

"I had the opportunity to use the service during Christmas break when I was back in town for the holidays. The two guys who parked my car and retrieved my car upon leaving downtown could not have been nicer. They helped me with my stroller and even loaded up shopping bags for me (even when I assured them I was ok). I went to lunch and then needed the stroller to go shopping, the guys pulled my car around and then re parked the car for me. Excellent service! The valet is a great alternative for parking in downtown Auburn because the convenience of having your car quickly after leaving downtown and the perk of not having to drive around multiple times is worth the small cost. I will definitely be using the valet again next time I'm in Auburn" - Quinley Etheredge, Auburn Visitor