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Yes, you know you are from Alabama when the slightest report of a snow flake sends everyone to the store for milk and bread. Why milk and bread? Are we suppose to just need that to survive? Sounds like I would not make it very far then. So, I decided to list out my top 10 essentials from Downtown Auburn that I would totally need to survive. 

1. Bagel chips from Big Blue Bagel. This is my form of bread. It's a carb...it counts.  It is also like a surprise grab bag every time you reach your hand in there. You never know what flavor you are going to get. You're just not going to get that out of your loaf of bread. 

2. White sauce from Moe's BBQ. Ok, throw in the wings, too. However, I am sure I could find multiple things in my pantry that would taste just a good with this sacred sauce. I am now sitting here wondering how large of a size I could order that sauce in. I mean we could be stuck inside for days people. 

3. Lemonade from Toomer's Drugs. Lemons have all sorts of health benefits, therefore if you are stuck inside for awhile, this may get you a lot further than milk. They do sell the lemonade by the gallon, too. 

4. Chick-Fil-A. What item? Does that matter? I am simply putting this on here, because you are guaranteed to crave it when you cannot have it. Hello, Sunday! So, go get your fix today and up-size to a large. Weight loss goals don't count when you have to go into survival mode. Yes, Magnolia Ave. could be chaos today. Just walk. 

5. Hornsby Farms jam. Preferably the "Sweet Heat" flavor. This is sold at The Local Market, which do not forget that they just relocated to J&M Bookstore. If you have not tried this yet, you are totally missing out. In fact, if you did score some bread from Kroger, you could spread this jam on the bread. Chance of survival just increased! 

6. Winter accessories. In true southern fashion (no pun intended), we will all run out to play in the snow, take selfies in the snow, etc. In order for you to take some "insta-worthy" photos, you probably should stock up on some cute sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, boots, and whatever else will make you look like your braving the biggest snow storm in the most fashionable way possible. You can still find tons of cute items at any boutique. In fact, most are having a sale on winter clothing right now! 

7. Peanut Butter Pie from Acre. Once again, forget weight loss goals right now. The skinny ones will not make it in weather like this. We are in survival mode, ya'll. Get this pie to-go and save it for when you are on your final episode of your Netflix binge. Goodbyes are never easy! Pie will get you through it. 

8. Pizza. Do I really need to say more? It's like, when all else fails, pizza! Just get a large( or two) to take home. Pizza really might be the only thing you need. You can eat it for all three meals and if your power goes out, it's even good cold. Little Italy and Mellow accept call-in orders, but do not deliver. So, get it now! 

9. Fluids. I have this fear that something is going to go wrong when I am stuck inside and the roads are iced over. My fear (and everyone else) right now is the flu. How awful would it be to be stuck inside your house when you all of a sudden start coming down with flu-like symptoms? Luckily, HydraMed is open today and offers an immune booster IV. Or other IVs if you need those, too. No judgments here. 

10. Tacorita...and wouldn't you know that today is Taco Tuesday and your favorite tacos are cheaper than any other day of the week. Oh, and you should totally order that margarita while you're there. It could be your last supper. Make it count! 

*Please note that this is simply meant to be a fun post. You should definitely listen to James Spann and take this weather seriously! Stay warm my friends! 

- Jessica Kohn, Downtown Coordinator