Let's get to know Brandon Sapp, the General Manager at 1716 a little better. Having been with the bar for more than 10 years, he said his favorite part about living in Auburn is the history and the sense of family.

Q: "What's the funniest/best encounter you've had with a customer?"

A: "2010 Lsu Auburn game, we won, everybody was like woah Auburn and woah Cam, he comes in here after the game and it starts getting hype. Everybody was running around and going crazy, it was a fun experience."

Q: "What is a bralette?"

A: "Is that hyphenated?" 

Q: "If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would it be?"

A: "Oh man... Larry David. I feel like his comedy just gets me. Being in this business you see different patterns in people and different social norms, and he points that out about people."

Q: "What's the last picture in your camera roll?"

A: "Probably a very savage meme."